We sometimes wean at five months of age, depending on when the foal was born and how much milk the dam is producing and when the buyer wants the foal. I don't like weaning too early and it's actually better for the foals to spend winter with their moms and herd pals. They seem to come into their yearling year without the yearling geek look and weaning is a lot less stressful when they are older. They almost wean themselves. Foals will have a current Coggins test, be up to date on shots; including  4-Way, and Tetanus. Other shots can be given at buyer's request and expense. The purchase price also includes a basic pre-purchase exam, and health papers. International Health Certificates are not included  and the buyer will have to pay for them for shipping overseas. The foals receive regular hoof care.

My sales prices will include the following:  gelding the colts, if you choose to have the colt you purchase gelded, and USDA health certificates for Canadian sales.

Anyone purchasing one of our foals will be given our veterinarian's name and phone number and our farrier's name and number upon request. I will also supply you with names of satisfied buyers.

Meet NFF  Tsuniah  Penny Lane, cute buckskin filly. Penny was 2020's last foal, born on June 15. She is sired by Tsuniah Sage Kings Echo out of NFF Wilson's Lady Scarlet. Penny is very feminine and sweet. She absolutely loves people and attention.

​Penny is sold and will be moving to Park Falls, Wisconsin

NFF Tsuniah's Moonbeam, palomino sabino filly born May 10, 2020. Moonbeam was sired by Tsnuiah Sage Kings Echo out of Gypsy's Ramblin Rose. Moonbeam will be a tall girl. She loves neck and butt scratches.

Moonbeam is for sale.

​Check out this big  buckskin colt! This is NFF RP Sage King's Gold. He is sold and will be going to Israel. His sire is Tsuniah Sage Kings Echo, dam is Scarlet Star Wilson. He's a big, solid colt!


NFF Tsuniah Oliver Twist is a color tested smoky black colt, born May 10, 2020. Sired by Tsuniah Sage Kings Echo out of Ostella Silver Lady. 

​Oliver is for sale!!!

NFF Tsuniah's Galileo, aka, Nibs, was born May 29, 2020. Sired by Tsuniah Sage Kings Echo out of NFF Wilsons Aurora.  Nibs is a sweetheart and has a comical personality.  He is shedding out to be the same rich copper palomino that his sire is.

Nibs is sold and will be moving to southern Wisconsin.