Above: Ostella's Miss Echo, Jewel's dam. I LOVE this mare!! Was so happy to get one of her daughters.

Below: NFF Echo's Blue Moon, Jewel's sire, and Austin's stud horse. Moon participates in field trials both as a mount for Austin and sometimes pulling the dog wagon.

Left:  NFF Angel's Lucky Star  Star  with NFF Society's Nobel Traveler
Lucky as a three year old with my friend Nancy Bergman on the right.

Lucky is  the spitting image of her mother in looks and personality. Her pedigree has old bloodline stock  such as Hunter's Allen, Merry Boy,  and Top Wilson. Her grandsire, Red Bud's Rascal, had ten foundation "F" horses  ON HIS PAPERS. Her  granddam, Lucy Sue's  Angel had five "F" horses on her papers. Lucky Star is very much like her dam in that she is shameless  about begging visitors for scratches under her jaw. This mare has produced some very nice foals with a lot of personality.  She is one of my homegrown  foals who never left the farm.

Lower  Left:  Lucky with NFF Society's Nobel Traveler at her side. Traveler was sired by Society's Duke Allen.

Lower Right: Lucky as a foal in May 2002. She looks like a plush toy in this photo.

Leon Oliver once told me that you need to look at three generations of a horse to see what the horse will be like for gait and temperament. My mares are below on this page as well as their dams and grand dams if I have pictures of them.

Below Left:  Lucky's dam, Red Bud's Angel, Deceased,  better known as Miss Pris with my niece, Kris on board.

Lower Right: Pris shamelessly begging for jaw scratches. Be careful, Nancy! She will drool all over you.

This pretty girl is Wilson's MayFlower and she was born here at Northern Foundations Farm. Her dam is Krispy Cream,
sire is Echo's Star Gray Wilson. You all need to read her story. I sold this horse as a baby to a friend in Florida and 
she had her for five years, trained her under saddle herself and did a lot of trail riding with her. Then she sold all her
 Walking Horses and started breeding Singlefooters. MayFlower was sold to a couple who then donated her,
for a substantial tax write off, to a  Boy's Ranch in northern Florida. The man who donated her told me she had a
wonderful home there, lots of kids to love her and tend to her, a better place than she's ever had in her life.

The ugly truth is the Ranch does not keep the horses. They auction them off to the highest bidder and they
don't do background checks on the buyers to make sure the horses that are sold will have a suitable home. In
 MayFlower's case, she was bought at public auction by a meat horse buyer. This man was one of the major
suppliers of horse meat to Dallas Crown, a company that sells the meat to zoos for food for the zoo animals.

In my opinion, they are  flesh peddlers. They get the horses for free, turn around and auction them off with no
regard as to where the horse ends up or what its fate is. Beware if you are donating animals to charities! They
might not have the kind of life that you think they will have!

It took several weeks of looking, coordinating everything to get her back home to Wisconsin. The whole story is
nothing less than a series of miracles that took place to make this happen and there are many people to
thank:  Val and Rob - You guys are the best! I can never thank you enough for getting Flower to your farm and
 Rob for hauling her to Wisconsin, Sandy - your efforts helped save this mare. Without your help we never would
 have found where she was, Janet - the information you got about the ranch not doing a background check is
important for people to know, Deb - your suggestion to google the buyer's name is what led me to find out
he's a kill buyer, Sharon, Viv, and Judy - your moral support through this whole ordeal means a lot to me.

If I forgot anyone, THANK YOU for all you have done!

MayFlower now resides at Tsuniah Walkers, British Columbia, Canada with Roberta Brebner. She is in training
to learn neck reining and hopefully will start her new career as a riding horse at the Tsuniah Lake Lodge as a trail horse for
the Lodge's guests.

NFF Wilson's Aurora when she lived in Colorado and later in Idaho. I'm happy she is back on the farm again as she is the only daughter I have of her dam, Krispy Cream. Aurora is a big mare, over 16 hands tall, but laid back and sweet tempered.

Kris was a proven broodmare and produced size and color consistently. Her foals are very athletic and well gaited. Kris came from  the Pulaski, TN area and was from a long line of good middle Tennessee usin' horses. She traces back to Little Midnight Man who stood  at the Ray Corum stables in Kentucky. I recently  contacted the family to find out more about this  stallion as he appears twice in  Kris's pedigree. I was told he was  a very mild mannered stallion and children were allowed to  sit  on him. Kris's lineage also goes  back to Night Rider who traces to Old Arthur, a non-Allen bloodline. She has a line back to Brantley's Roan Allen Jr. as  well as Red Eagle F-61. She also goes back to Rhoda Allen. Rhoda Allen is a horse that also  appears in the Crackerjack line of horses. The Crackerjack horses were popular in middle Tennessee for their stamina on  the trails. Kris has one line back to Last Chance through Rasch's White Boy. She also traces back to Bud Allen, who was the 1941 and 1942 Get of Sire in the Breeder's Division Championships. She goes back to Go Boy's Shadow who was the 1955 World  Grand Champion Three Year Old Stallion and in  1956 he was the World Grand Champion.  I  am happy to carry on these bloodlines through Aurora.


Meet Carbonado's Moon Jewel!! She's the youngest in the mare herd and will not be bred for several more years. She just turned a year old in July 2016. Sired by NFF Echo's Blue Moon, out of Ostella's Miss Echo. I wanted a filly out of Miss Echo for some time now and Austin Turley was nice enough to provide me with one!!! Would like more of these!! Jewel has the coolest dreadlocks. Her hair naturally curls like this. I've never seen this kind of "beach wave" on a horse before.

This pretty mare is NFF Wilson's Lady Scarlet. She was sold as a youngster and eventually made her way to Texas  and was Malia Nelson's horse for a number of years. I was offered the chance to buy her back a few years ago and was happy to have another Star Gray daughter in the herd. "Rosie"    is a full sister to Lucky Star. In the photo below, it appears Rosie has inherited some of the jumping ability that her grandsire, Paige's Echo, had.

Wilson's Ruby Roan shown above on the day I picked her up in Tennessee. PIctured with me are  Sheila Franck and Billy Taylor. Billy decided to hop on board Ruby with only a halter and rope on her, a testament to the good mind of these Echo bred horses. Ruby is currently my oldest mare, sired by Echo's Star Gray Wilson out of Echo's Merry Lu. Photo below is of Ruby in her younger, more svelte days. Lower right is a small tidbit from the August 2003 VOICE magazine years ago about Ruby and her former owner.Ruby was Star Gray's first foal and proof that he passed on common sense traits a good trail horse needs. Reprinted with permission from TWHBEA.


Below Left:  Brooke Marchelle. She is Scarlet's maternal granddam.  I never had a chance to meet her, Franne had sold her before I got to see her but I can see a strong  familial resemblance in the nose and head.

Lower Right:  Red Bud Lady Scarlet, deceased, dam of Scarlet Star Wilson, with her 2003 filly, Sterling's Jolie Allure, at her side.

Above:  Aurora's dam, Krispy Cream. Below  Left:  Aurora's maternal grand dam, Townsend's Star Time shown at 20 years of age. Lower Right is Aurora in the spring of 2016. She looks a lot like her grandma.

Scarlet  in the summer and very pregnant in the winter.

 This gorgeous bay mare is Scarlet Star Wilson. She is the daughter of Echo's Star Gray Wilson and Red Bud Lady  Scarlet. I had an opportunity in the spring of 2008 to acquire this nice mare and decided she would be a wonderful addition to my farm.  I have admired this mare since she was a baby. I first saw her at Harry & Franne Brandon's farm near Petersburg, Tennessee. She was 24 hours old and came walking up to the fence and I was able to touch her nose. It was like she knew I was her Wisconsin "Grandma". Scarlet is a comical girl. She will come up and  stand with her head high and beg for jaw scratches, hugs, all kinds of attention.  She is definitely a people horse. Scarlet thinks everyone should love her because "I am Scarlet". Everyone who visits loves Scarlet. She is one of those "in your face" kind of horses who loves everyone. She is an excellent mother and I've enjoyed watching her raise her foals. She's a big mare, almost 16 hands, but a gentle giant. The vet loves working on her because she's a very easy mare to do vet work on.  Scarlet is affectionately known to my friends as Miss Moose because of her size. She's a beautiful mare inside and out.

Photo to the Right: Lucy Sue's Angel, dam of Echo's Merry Lu and Red Bud's Angel, Granddam to Wilson's Ruby Roan, NFF Angel's Lucky Star, and NFF Wilson's Lady Scarlet

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Meet Midnight's Powder Puff! I admired this mare since I first met her as a foal at Danny Taylor's farm in Tennessee. Puff was sold to Jenny Lederle in New Mexico and I was given the chance to acquire this lovely mare. After losing Merry Lu, I knew I wanted Puff in the herd. Puff's dam is Wilson's Ruby Roan, pictured on this page. Puff's maternal grand dam is Echo's Merry Lu, also pictured above under Ruby. I am extremely pleased with this gorgeous mare and can't wait to get her producing foals.

Above pics: MayFlower training.

Below: MayFlower and kids from Tsuniah Lake Lodge having a blast in the river

Below: Ruby's dam, Echo's Merry Lu - Deceased