Links to articles about soring. This is an ugly practice that many show horses are forced to endure. Get educated on this so you don't buy the wrong kind of horse.

This website has the article "Why Soring Persists" that was published in Equus magazine.

Interesting article from FOSH (Friends of the Sound Horse) regarding the violations among the people chosen to judge the 2008 Celebration. When  big lick defenders say industry has cleaned up its act, it's not true!

Want to go on a journey through the interesting life of a Montana icon, Grace Larson? Grace has done some rather remarkable things in her lifetime and writes about some of her experiences in her books. Check out her website for more information.


Sandra van den Hof is one of the few breeders of Heritage Walking Horses in Europe. She is keen on promoting the breed all over Europe. Based in Belgium, Sandra promotes, imports, breeds, trains, and sells Heritage Walking Horses.

This website is dedicated to the plain shod Walking Horse in Canada. Walking Horse News is a great magazine that has been in publication over 25 years. The series "From Foundations  to the Future" is written by Franne Brandon of the Heritage Society.

Here are some links to websites that might be useful. Click on the name to go to the websites.

FOSH maintains a database of people who have been caught violating the Horse Protection Act. Check it out and you decide for yourself if you want to spend your hard earned dollars supporting someone who makes a living by tormenting horses.

Check it out!! This is a registry for sound horses  who meet the criteria as set forth by the Tennessee Walking Horse Heritage Society. The Society has responded to people who have asked us to start this registry.